Friday, 11 January 2013

Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2012 Final (Full Episode)

Astrol CGM 2012 final competition was held on the 23rd Dec 2012. I had been following Astro CGM 2012 since the 1st episode till to the 8th, every Saturday at 8.30pm, which I think was about 9 months without fail. All the contestants and 8 winners of the 8 episodes were great.

(Photo courtesy of Astro AEC)
However, on the day of the final competition, I was away and didn't have an opportunity to watch it live. I only managed to catch it on the 29th Dec when Astro AEC had a replay of the programme at 1.30pm; and that was also in my hotel room! Frankly speaking I was over the moon to be able to catch the replay.

All the 8 contestants had really put in their best and we should thank them for their excellent performance.
                                                           (Photo courtesy of Astro AEC)
At the end of the day, the 2012 Astro CGM championship went to Han Yuen Feng (Nicol Hon)! She is indeed a CHAMPION as she sang with her feelings and her voice is powerful. For your information, when she sang Qing Ren De Yen Lei (Lover's Tears) and Jiu Gan Tang Bui Boh (a song dedicated to a father), my tears just flowed down my cheeks. I couldn't hold my tears when she sang Jiu Gan Tang Bui Boh cos' it reminded me of my late dad. You can feel that she really sang it with her feelings and really dedicated this song to her beloved dad. Well done, my friend Nicole! I am so proud of you!
Once again, congratulations to Hang Yuen Feng and all the 7 contestants. They are excellent!!!
For those who have missed the final competition, here is a full episode for you to enjoy.  Tell me your feelings in the comments box if you don't mind.  Happy watching.... (courtesy of Astro AEC)

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