Friday, 8 June 2012

Red Wine Onions

Received this info from a friend. Very popular in Japan and HKG and effective for good health (arthritis, pain, eyesight, blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, etc)

Red Wine  Onions 
As stated by a friend :
#When I travelled to Hong Kong, a friend of mine, a wine retailer, told me that onions, when
soaked in red wine, can help cure common chronic diseases and gave me the recipe.
He said this treatment is quite popular in Japan. Its beneficial include: aching knees, poor eye sight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, frequent urination, sleeplessness, etc.

Initially, I was suspicious about what he said because I thought he was just trying to sell me some of the products in his store.

After I came back to the States, I told my brother Joe and his wife Lily about this secret.
They laughed but were eager to try out as they both have the symptoms of the described
problems. We know there is no harm to try. After all, there are no expensive items in the
recipe. So we started to follow my friend’s recommendation.

After drinking such wine for a few weeks, we all found improvements in our body.
My wife does not need to go to bathroom in the middle of the night as before.
We now believe this recipe, and like to pass it on to others and hope it helps you too.#

2 Onions
Red wine -500 ml
(A bottle of wine, usually 750 ml will need 3 onions)


1. Wash onions, remove outside peels, slice each onion into 8 equal parts
2. Put cut onions in to a jar, pour wine into the jar
3. Seal the jar, place jar in a cool temperature area for 7 or 8 days
4. Separate wine and onion in different containers and put in refrigerator


1. Drink a glass of the wine (50 ml) each time (20 ml for elders)
2. Drink one or two times a day
3. Better eat the soaked onion slices
4. For those who can’t drink, add twice amount of water boil it 5 minutes to drink
5. For those who like it sweet, add a small amount of honey.