Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kajang Claypot Chicken Wine (Fah Tui Kai/Drunken Chicken)

I used to cook chicken wine using my homemade red glutinous rice wine.  However, this Kajang Claypot Chicken Wine is slightly different from my usual Sitiawan Ang Jiu Keh which we would eat it with Mee Suah.
Sitiawan Ang Jiu Keh which we would eat it with Mee Suah (click for the full recipe if you want to try this  popular dish of  Sitiawan, Perak)

The difference here is that instead of red glutinous wine, it used Chinese Cooking Wine (Hua Tiao Chiew) and it has big onions in it. This Kajang Claypot Chicken Wine is adapted from Y3K(29) pg 52 with minor modification.
Overall, it's very delish and appetizing.
Ingredients A : 
- 250gm chicken (cut into pieces and marinated with soy sauce)
- 1 tbsp deep-fried minced garlic (I used 3 cloves garlic but without deep fried)
- 3 slices ginger (I used 2 big thumbsized ginger as I love it with lots of ginger)
- 1/2 big onion (I used 1 big onion, cut)
- 3 tbsp superior stock (I used 1 cup of hot water)
Seasonings A: (for marinate)
- 1.5 tbsp oyster sauce (I omitted as I prefer the original taste)
- 1 tbsp soy sauce
- 1/2 MSG (I omitted)
Seasonings B : (to taste)
- 1/2 dark soy sauce 
- salt
- 2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
- 1 cup of homemade red glutinous rice wine (my addition to the above)
- some sesame oil (my addition)
Method :
1)  Arrange ginger, garlic and marinated chicken in a claypot or sandpot.

2)  Add hot water and cover.  Cook at high heat for 5 minutes.  Then lower the heat to medium heat and cook till chicken is semi-cooked.

3)  Add dark soy sauce, red glutinous rice wine and big onions. Let it simmer for about 3 minutes.

4)  Drizzle Chinese cooking wine and sesame oil.  Stir and mix well. Bring to a quick boil.  Add Salt to taste.
5)  Serve hot with steamed rice.

Do enjoy :)

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