Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Another must-see beautiful Chinese temple when in Raub, Pahang - Sungai Lui Chinese Temple/双溪内观音堂

A very longggggggggg overdue post... and a continuation from Part 3. Again, my apologies.....
Further up from the TrasRoadChineseTemple, Jalan Cheroh, Sungai Lui there is another Chinese temple at Kg Baru, Sungai Lui. This is also a must see temple when you are in Raub. The temple is big and beautiful. 
Entrance to the Sungai Lui Chinese Temple/双溪内观音堂 
The steps to the temple 
Yue-Lao Statue/月老像 
Yue-Lao, is also known as the “old man of the moonlight” and is the God of marriage and love in Chinese mythology. Married couples pray to Yue-Lao for everlasting love and marital happiness 
Chinese character for DOOR...門 
The whole scenery presents a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere 

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