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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

An awesome way to kick start your day with this super easy and natural sweetness healthy bloody red smoothie which is packed with 3 superfood and quick energy enhancer

This bloody red smoothie tastes deliciously sweet with no added sugar or honey

I usually have my so-called 'Morning Drink' one or two hours prior to my regular breakfast. My 'Morning Drink' is usually juices or smoothies and they vary from day-to-day depending on my grocery list.  Smoothie is super-duper easy to prepare and you can mix and match depending on personal preference.

A glass of healthy smoothie which is made-up of beetroot, pineapple and kurma (dates)

Beetroot is one of my favorite main ingredients for smoothie. It is healthy and packed with nutrients as mentioned here

Besides, pineapple boosts immune system and packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Do click at the above image for more info on benefits of pineapples.

Instead of adding sugar or honey to my smoothie, I prefer adding kurma as it's considered to be one of the best energy boosting snacks as they are power-packed with natural sugar, strengthen the bones and maintain healthy weight. Do click at the above image for more info.

With the combination of these 3 super ingredients, this is a power-packed nutrient smoothie!

Healthy Beetroot Pineapple Kurma Smoothie
Ingredients :(Please take note no exact or fixed measurement for smoothie. Just be creative and depending on your personal taste)
- 1 cup beetroot, fresh or frozen (peeled and chopped)
- 1 cup pineapples, fresh or frozen (peeled and chopped)
- 6 kurma (deseeded)

Method :
1)  Blend all the ingredients with enough water with a powerful blender and blend on high until smooth. 
2) Serve immediately.

If you prefer cold smoothie, do add some ice and/or frozen beetroot and pineapples. Just blend everything together
This healthy beetroot pineapple kurma smoothie is the perfect pick-me-up
A nutrient and fiber-packed smoothie with all the goodness of the beets, pineapples and golden kurma
A delicious smoothie with its natural sweetness with no added sugar
A perfect drink if you are feeling under the weather.
Do enjoy and cheers!

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Refreshing Ampula Juice and Its Health Benefits

Wow, I am so happy when a good friend gave me some home grown hog plums (small type) also known as Tahitian apple. Its scientific name is Spondias dulcis. In Sinhalese it is called Ambarella, and commonly known as Ampula or Ambla in Penang. It is also known as Buah Kedondong among Malays. This home grown Ambla which my friend gave me is 100% organic and is known to have many benefits and medicinal values too. Buah kedondong is a tropical fruit commonly found in South and South East Asia. There are different types of kedondong; big and small. It comes with an oval shape. Kedondong has a single seed and has lots of fiber. The fruit can be eaten raw; the flesh is crunchy and has sweet sourish flavour.
Ambarella is one of the richest known source of vitamin C. It is said to contain 30 times the amount found in oranges. As such, it is extremely common to see the locals use it for treating throat and respiratory tract infections.
Besides, it is regarded as sacred by Indian and Tibetan healers who believe it has special anti-ageing and immune enhancing properties. Traditionally, it’s used to treat indigestion, fever, liver problems and anaemia.
Not only is ambarella revered by Ayurvedic (ancient Indian) practitioners, it is also said that extensive research has revealed that it is beneficial in preventing and treating many conditions including stress, hay fever, arthritis, cataracts, and even cancer! Chinese researchers have discovered that ambla fruit is a rich source of therapeutic chemicals, including quercetin (which is also found in apples), gallic and ellagic acids (found in green tea). It has powerful antioxidants, which help protect you from harmful free radicals that increase the risk of some serious diseases including cancer.

Here are some benefits you can get from this nutritious fruit:

• Ambarella leaves can be dried and ground until powdery and used to treat mouth sores.
• People suffering from diarrhea, dysentery and loose bowel movement can take a decoction of ambarella bark to ease discomfort.
• The root can be used to treat itchy skin.
• The seeds of the amabrella fruit are proven to lower high blood pressure and treat respiratory ailments due to their antibiotic content.
• Boil the leaves of ambarella and apply the liquid substance on the skin as a substitute for lotion and moisturizers
• Ambarella is also an excellent treatment for headaches, constipation and even diabetes.

For someone who's unfamiliar with ambarella, you may be wondering what nutrients it possesses. Indeed, this fruit boasts of healthy goodness all throughout. For a serving of 100g of ambarella, there is 0.6g of protein, 0.2g of fat, and 91.0g moisture. It also has 0.7g fiber, 5.7g of calcium, and iron of 0.4g. It's also loaded with niacin, vitamin A, ascorbic acid, and carotene which boost the immune system and fight against cancer.

Ambarella can be taken as it is or you can make use of its other parts. As mentioned, you can use its bark, leaves, and seeds for medicinal purposes. Having your daily serving of ambarella can surely make you healthy and be protected against harmful ailments.

(source :

Buah Kedondong is also one of the favourite ingredients in rojak (Malaysian fruits salad). Some like to eat it fresh with dipping sauce - a mixture of thick soy sauce, sugar and bird’s eye chillies. Some like to have it pickled but I prefer to make it into juice. The juice is commonly known as ampula in Malaysia.

Ingredients for Refreshing Ampula Juice : (to taste)
- 6 young ambarella fruits (washed and halved)
- 1 or 2 suen buehs/preserved sweet sour plums
- 300ml water
Direction :
1) Put cut ambarella and water into a juicer or blender. I used powerful blender as I do not wish to waste even a single fiber of the fruit! Lols.
2) Blend it into juice.
3) Serve it with ice cubes and sour plum/suen bueh.

You can add honey/sugar to make it sweeter
I prefer it without any sweetener
Isn't this a delightful and refreshing juice especially during the current scorching hot and hazy weather?
Here's a glass of healthy and refreshing Ampula juice just for you.
Have a fabulous day ahead :)

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Strawberry + Cucumber + Cherry Tomato = Refreshing Drink

Another refreshing drink I juiced for a beautiful Saturday morning. It is very easy. 
Ingredients are strawberries, cucumber (cut into chunks) cherry tomatoes and some water. Then, dump everything into a blender or juice extractor.
Here is your refreshing drink, ready in a minute!

Enjoy your refreshing drink and have a nice weekend!! :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Beet + Parsley + Strawberry = Cleansing Juice

Coriander leaves, Chinese parsley, cilantro or daun ketumbar is known as the best cleansing treatment for kidneys and it is natural! Besides it is very rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C, iron and folate.

Health Benefits of Parsley :

1) Parsley is good for the heart.

2) Good for strengthening the urinary bladder and preventing kidney stones.

3) Cleansing of blood vessels.

4) Prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis and inflammatory polyarthritis; a type of rheumatoid arthritis.

5) Used for treating menstrual problems.

6) Treat digestive problems, anemia, diarrhea, gallstones, gout, insect bites, liver congestion.

7) Strengthening teeth.

8) Weight loss.

Source : E-mail received from a friend

Here is a healthy juice using parsley, beet and strawberry.
Beet (click for more info) has a lot of benefits too. Take note that there is no exact measurement and you can add any veggie or fruits that you like.

Put everything into a blender. Add water. Then blend. I like to use blender as I like my juice with fiber. You can use juice extractor too. Add honey should you prefer it sweet. As for me, I did not add honey for this juice.

In order to have maximum benefits of any juice, I usually take it early in the morning; 1 hour before breakfast.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Beetroot + Grapes Juice

Beetroot has had a great PR job over recent years, being hailed as a ‘super food’ by numerous experts.

Health benefits of beetroot

Find out about the top 5 health benefits of beetroot and how you can make sure you’re getting your daily dose – without resorting to pickled beetroot from a jar!

Beetroot Is Your Liver’s Friend
The beta cyanin in beetroot can help detox your liver, having a knock-on effect for your bloodstream, by helping the body to eliminate toxins and potentially preventing the build-up of fatty deposits.
So if you have found yourself ‘over-indulging’, adding some raw beetroot or beetroot juice to your diet can help you recover.
Then again, why save it just for the ‘morning after’?!

Beetroot Juice Can Prevent Strokes & Heart Attacks
Beetroot juice has been shown to reduce high blood pressure. It affects an estimated 25% of the world’s adult population and is a significant factor in coronary heart disease and strokes.
Researchers at Barts’ Hospital (London) and the London School Of Medicine found that drinking 500ml of beetroot juice a day can significantly reduce high blood pressure, for over 24 hours after drinking.
Whilst most of us wouldn’t fancy a pint of red stuff every morning, the research gives us a very big hint that including at least some beetroot in our diet on a daily basis will be good for us.

Beetroot Is Packed With Nutrients
Beetroot leaves can be eaten raw when young.
Beetroot is a super-storehouse of both vitamin C and iron, which is great news for your body. Both are essential elements for health, but many of us struggle to absorb enough iron. Luckily, good old Mother Nature included extra vitamin C in her beetroots and this vitamin helps increase iron absorbtion!
Vitamin C is water soluble, which means it leaches out of veggies when you cook them in water. So the easiest way to get your combo-fix is to eat raw beetroot.
Incidentally, young beetroot leaves are a better source of iron than spinach!
The roots are a good source of many other vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, phosphorous, magnesium and B6.

Beetroot Can Cheer You Up
Beetroot has been shown to contain the compound betaine, which enhances the production of the body’s natural mood-lifter seratonin. So it would seem that munching fresh beetroot can literally make you smile.
Betaine is also really useful for cardiovascular health.

Immune System Booster
Beetroot’s amazing range of vitamins and nutrients have been shown to boost your immune system, helping you better fight off infection. These nutrients help stimulate the reoxygenation of cells and the production of new blood cells. Pretty important stuff!
Source : Raw Food Journey

So, here's a healthy drink to share with you all. There is no exact measurement as it depends on individual's preference. :)

Ingredients :

- Beetroot (washed and cut into cube)

- Grapes (washed)

- Honey
- Water

Method :
1)  Put beetroot, grapes and water into the blender.  I didn't use the juice extractor because I prefer my juice with fiber; so blender is the best choice.

2) Blend until smooth.  Add honey.

3)  Serve chilled.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Anti-Cancer Smoothie Formula

I received this article from a friend via e-mail and I feel that I should share it with everyone. Anyway, there is no harm trying.

This is based on Dr Tom Wu’s anti-cancer smoothie formula. Tom Wu said he cured himself of lung cancer 40 years ago. Whatever his claims (you can listen to him on youtube) his anti-cancer formula made sense, and would be worth trying.
You can use STRAWBERRIES (where recipe asked for berries) – the smoothie – tastes part strawberry and another mix of tangy, can’t describe its flavor – just treat it like a delicious shake!
USE ORGANIC WHERE POSSIBLE for this recipe where possible.
2 tomatoes
2 carrots
1 medium beet
6 asparagus (I use Whole Foods 365 house brand frozen.)
Cilantro – 7 to 8 stems or as much as you want – eliminates heavy metals. Excellent for autism
Parsley – 5 to 7 stems
Ginger (thumb sized)
Turmeric, also known as Indian Saffron (fresh or powder) – can be used instead of ginger, it’s the same but not hot, high in curcumin and is great for diabetes
1 cup berries (hard ones are better; they improve flavor – use raspberries for breast or ovarian cancer)
2 kiwi (hard and green): remove skin
2 -2 ½ cups distilled water, it’s made form steam so it’s purer
Blend in a strong blender for 60 seconds than add:
2 tsp lecithin
2 tsp bee pollen
Sea salt
Blend again until it has the consistency of a smoothie.
Makes 7 cups, do not refrigerate.
The longer it sits out, the better, because it’s been fermenting.
Do not eat with a spoon, use a straw and chew before swallowing.
Eat raw salad for lunch and dinner.
Cancer survives in sugar and heavy metals so cut out sugar and replace with cinnamon, ¼ tsp 2x a day.
Alfalfa is excellent for inflammation, sprouted beans (not bean sprouts) contain a lot more protein.
For breast cancer:
1) Run hot water over the breast and massage area vigorously.
2) Turn water to cold and do the same.
3) Repeat a few times while massaging to loosen tissue. To avoid breast problems in the milk duds, avoid dairy products. Breast tissue is fat so provide the breast with the right kind of fat and avoid bad fats. Hard boiled eggs contribute to the good cholesterol which promotes estrogen.
When a cyst or a tumor is discovered, it is has been the in the body and growing for 5-7 years.
Carcinoma is cellular and may disappear with proper diet.
Lipoma is a tumor of fatty tissue, with proper diet it would shrink but not disappear, therefore having to be removed.
Cleansing the blood: Bio-active minerals come from plants, fruits and vegetables.
Tomatoes provide lycopene, it has 400 vital chemicals and is effective for breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.
Carrots are most healing and have 500 vital chemicals. It is best to peel the skin or buy organic.
Beets are best for cleansing the blood and is antioxidant.
Raw, it contains acidic acid and glutathione.
Asparagus contain Apotine and helps cancer kill itself.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

10 Fruit Juices Beneficial for Health

1) Tomato juice
Tomato juice for health benefits are:
· High antioxidant useful to defend the body from free radicals.
· Content of lyopene in tomatoes could prevent prostate cancer.
· To maintain ideal body weight for those who are dieting to lose weight and may increase appetite for those who are raising the weight as well as in the recovery phase after illness.
· Preventing constipation.
· Glycogen levels can stabilize liver function, etc. 

2) Soursop juice

A study published by The Journal of Natural Products mentioned that the soursop fruit as the “miracle fruit” that is very nutritious for health, including:
· Can effectively pick and choose the target bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, namely breast cancer, prostate, lung, colon, pancreas.
· Working 10 thousand times more powerful to postpone cell growth cancer than drug (andriamicin) or chemo therapy.
· Soursop juice selectively hunt down and kill the bad cells and not harm / kill healthy cells, in contrast with a deadly chemo therapy evil and gels healthy cells (ie causing hair loss).
· Increase energy, immune system, preventing it from infection, etc.

3) Apple juice

One apple a day could save your life, this phrase seems to be true, the content of apples is very useful for health, including:
· Content of quercetin in apples may as anticancer and anti-inflammatory.
· Content of pectin can help remove dirt buildup in the gut for so long.
· Can lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
· Can reduce appetite.
· Can treat headaches, etc.

4) Strawberry juice
Strawberry juice for health benefits are:
· Contain ellagic acid, which act as antioxidants to counteract free radicals that enter the body.
· Can inhibit tumor cell growth in lung, breast, cervix.
· Can cleanse the body’s digestive system.
· Controlling cholesterol levels.
· Can reduce pain in joints, etc. 

5) Guava juice
Benefits contained in guava juice include:
· Can reduce cholesterol in the blood and lowers blood pressure.
· Can prevent thrush.
· Able to lose weight.
· Content of vitamin C in guava juice can relieve colds and coughs.
· Content astrigent can cure diarrhea.
· Can prevent bone loss in, etc. 

6) Kiwi fruit juice
Kiwi juice for health benefits include:
· Rich in vitamin C is useful for protecting the body from cancer cells.
· Rich in fiber can reduce constipation.
· Content of potassium helps regulate blood pressure.
· To prevent infection, premature aging.
· Very good for those who suffer from heart disease.
· Relieve cold and flu, etc. 

7) Mango juice

Mango juice for health benefits include:
· Can be as a disinfectant to cleanse the body and blood in the body.
· Rich in caretenoid that can mencegahh colon cancer and cervical cancer bone.
· Can rejuvenate the body’s cells.
· Can prevent body odor caused by bacteria, etc.

8) Noni juice
Although it tastes pretty bad, but noni juice or noni fruit dutch is very beneficial to health, including:
· Can boost the immune system.
· Can normalize / reduce blood pressure.
· Be able to fight tumors and cancer cells.
· Contains scopoletin which functions as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.
· Very useful for the disease: hypertension, stroke, diabetes, migraine, vertigo, vaginal discharge, painful joints, etc.

9) Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice for health benefits:
· Substances tannins can anesthetize roundworms, pinworms and tapeworms in the intestines and release it with feces.
· Rich in vitamins A, C, E and folic acid good for pregnancy.
· Rich in antioxidants that help prevent blockages in the arteries caused by cholesterol.
· Prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer, etc. 

10) Avocado juice
Avocado juice for health benefits include:
· elps formation of red blood cells
· Preventing anemia
· For pregnant women, folic acid content of avocados can stimulate brain development and the formation of the spinal cord.
· Controlling the bad fats (LDL cholesterol) and raise the good fats (HDL cholesterol)
· Prevent stroke.
· Anti-wrinkle and ageless. etc.