Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Anti-Cancer Smoothie Formula

I received this article from a friend via e-mail and I feel that I should share it with everyone. Anyway, there is no harm trying.

This is based on Dr Tom Wu’s anti-cancer smoothie formula. Tom Wu said he cured himself of lung cancer 40 years ago. Whatever his claims (you can listen to him on youtube) his anti-cancer formula made sense, and would be worth trying.
You can use STRAWBERRIES (where recipe asked for berries) – the smoothie – tastes part strawberry and another mix of tangy, can’t describe its flavor – just treat it like a delicious shake!
USE ORGANIC WHERE POSSIBLE for this recipe where possible.
2 tomatoes
2 carrots
1 medium beet
6 asparagus (I use Whole Foods 365 house brand frozen.)
Cilantro – 7 to 8 stems or as much as you want – eliminates heavy metals. Excellent for autism
Parsley – 5 to 7 stems
Ginger (thumb sized)
Turmeric, also known as Indian Saffron (fresh or powder) – can be used instead of ginger, it’s the same but not hot, high in curcumin and is great for diabetes
1 cup berries (hard ones are better; they improve flavor – use raspberries for breast or ovarian cancer)
2 kiwi (hard and green): remove skin
2 -2 ½ cups distilled water, it’s made form steam so it’s purer
Blend in a strong blender for 60 seconds than add:
2 tsp lecithin
2 tsp bee pollen
Sea salt
Blend again until it has the consistency of a smoothie.
Makes 7 cups, do not refrigerate.
The longer it sits out, the better, because it’s been fermenting.
Do not eat with a spoon, use a straw and chew before swallowing.
Eat raw salad for lunch and dinner.
Cancer survives in sugar and heavy metals so cut out sugar and replace with cinnamon, ¼ tsp 2x a day.
Alfalfa is excellent for inflammation, sprouted beans (not bean sprouts) contain a lot more protein.
For breast cancer:
1) Run hot water over the breast and massage area vigorously.
2) Turn water to cold and do the same.
3) Repeat a few times while massaging to loosen tissue. To avoid breast problems in the milk duds, avoid dairy products. Breast tissue is fat so provide the breast with the right kind of fat and avoid bad fats. Hard boiled eggs contribute to the good cholesterol which promotes estrogen.
When a cyst or a tumor is discovered, it is has been the in the body and growing for 5-7 years.
Carcinoma is cellular and may disappear with proper diet.
Lipoma is a tumor of fatty tissue, with proper diet it would shrink but not disappear, therefore having to be removed.
Cleansing the blood: Bio-active minerals come from plants, fruits and vegetables.
Tomatoes provide lycopene, it has 400 vital chemicals and is effective for breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.
Carrots are most healing and have 500 vital chemicals. It is best to peel the skin or buy organic.
Beets are best for cleansing the blood and is antioxidant.
Raw, it contains acidic acid and glutathione.
Asparagus contain Apotine and helps cancer kill itself.