Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lemongrass Egg Soup

Well, does the name of this recipe sound weird???  In fact,  I need to clear my fridge as we will be away for a week for Raya holidays.  So, when I 'rummaged' through my fridge, I found out that I still have some lemongrass, tomatoes, fried tofu strips, fish cakes and fried soya beancurd (fuchuk).  Instantly, it crossed my mind that I would like to cook soup with lemongrass.  So, this recipe is the result of leftover foods in the fridge!

Ingredients :

       Lemongrass                  Fried 'fuchuk'

       Fried beancurd strips        Tomatoes

Seasonings :
      Japanese Miso               Garlic and Ginger

Well, the end result is quite satisfying.  You can give it a try and be creative in your ingredients and seasonings according to your preferences. Do let me know if you have a better idea how to cook it.


2 Tbsp cooking oil
6 pieces of fried soya beancurd - washed and cut into strips 
1 packet of fried tofu strips 
2 pieces of fishcakes - sliced 
2 large tomatoes - cut into chunks 
2 stalks of lemongrass - crushed 
1L water
4 large eggs - whipped

Seasonings :

1 tablespoon of Miso
A dash of salt to taste
A dash of pepper

Handful of chopped spring onions for garnishing

1. Heat wok/pot and put in oil. Put in A and fry until fragrant. 

2. Add in ingredients B and stir fry slightly.
3. Add in water and let it boil. Let it simmer of 2 minutes.
4. Add in eggs and keep stirring to make flower egg. Then add  

    in seasonings.
    Stir and bring back to a boil.
5. Ladle soup into a bowl and garnish with spring onions. Serve   

    hot with rice :)