Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Braised Ang Zhao Chicken with Arrowhead (慈菇/ngaku)

Ang Zhao in Hokkien is red glutinous wine lees (紅糟) and  is used in various Hokkien and Foo Chow cuisines.  Ang zhao  is the lees of the fermentation of  red glutinous wine .  I have few tubs of ang zhao which I really treasure and it can keep for years in the refrigerator.  I also blended some of the ang zhao to make it more fine and smooth.

Here is a simple dish using blended ang zhao which I cooked it on the 5th day of Chinese New Year.  Hope you all like it :)

Ingredients :
- 1 free ranged chicken (washed, cut into bite-sized, marinated with ang zhao and soy sauce)
- 3 big arrowheads (washed, peeled and sliced)
- 2 big thumbsized old ginger (washed but do not remove the skin, sliced)
- 1tbsp of ang zhao (to marinate the chicken)
- 1 cup (or more) of ang jiu (red glutinous wine)
- soy sauce (to taste)
- salt (to taste)
- sesame and cooking oil
- water (optional)

Method :
1)  Heat sesame and cooking oil in a wok.  Saute ginger until aromatic.
2)  Add marinated chicken and stir fry briefly.
3)  Then, add ang jiu and enough water (optional) to cover the chicken.  If you prefer stronger ang jiu flavour gravy, just omit the water but add enough ang jiu to cover the chicken). Bring to boil and lower the heat.  Simmer until the chicken is almost cooked.
4)  Seasoned with soy sauce and salt according to taste.
5)  Arrange sliced arrowhead on top of the chicken.  Let it cook for 5 minutes.
6)  Serve hot.

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