Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Super Easy Homecooked Kentucky Fried Chicken

Do you, at times, crave for fried chicken but do not want to get it from elsewhere except your own homecook?  Well, you can have a quick and yummy fried chicken and no need to fuss over what ingredients or seasonings to use.

What I did was to get a box of Kentucky all purpose seasoned flour.
Coat and mix well the chicken pieces with all purpose seasoned flour. 
Deep fry till golden brown.
Dish out and drain away excess oil.
And here is your finger licking good Kentucky fried chicken straight from your kitchen!  Enjoy it with your favourite chili sauce or tomato sauce right in front of your home tv.  Or enjoy it with your favourite novel (that's me!)  Super easy, isn't it?

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  1. Easiest fried chicken I've made using this flour. Love it dipped in hot sauce ;)

    Pass me a few pieces dear. ;)

    1. No problem but too bad, dah masuk perut, hahaha...


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