Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Buttered Prawns

Buttered Prawns for the Mid-autumn Festival family gathering

Ingredients :-
- 1 kg medium sized prawns (removed veins, leave the heads and shells on but cut off the eyes part and pat dry)
- Oil (enough for deep frying)
- butter (enough to cook the prawns)
- 3 sprigs of curry leaves (washed)

- 4 tablespoons of evaporated milk
- garlic (finely chopped)

Seasonings : (to taste)
- salt
- sugar
- soy sauce

Method :
1) Heat oil and deep fry the prawns. Drain and set aside.

2) Melt the butter. Fry garlic and curry leaves until fragrant. Add prawns, salt, sugar, soy sauce. Stir and mix well over high heat, stirring frequently. 

3) Add evaporated milk and give it a quick stir.

4) Serve immediately.

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