Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Turmeric Grilled Fish with Banana Leaf

I cooked this for Mid-autumn Festival Family Gathering. Thanks to Wendy for giving me an idea to use wok for grilling.

The colour didn't turn up as 'delicious' as Wendy's but the taste was yummy! Probably the way I wrapped the banana leaf was incorrect - too loosely wrapped? Look at the picture how I wrapped it!!! hahahaha....

Ingredients :-
- 3 ikan selar or Scad (washed and marinated with salt and turmeric powder)
- some banana leaves for wrapping (washed)
- turmeric powder
- salt

Method :
1) Wrap the fish with banana leaf.

2) Grease the pan with cooking oil and put in the wrapped fish.

3) Cook at medium high heat until aromatic. Then, flip the fish over to the other side until you can smell the sweet aroma of banana leaf.

4) Dish out and serve immediately with Sambal Kicap.

Sambal Kicap
Mix minced garlic, chopped cili padi (bird's eye chili), kicap manis pekat ( sweet caramel sauce) and calamansi juice.

I like this sambal kicap. :)

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