Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Simple Pan Fried Turmeric Fish

I like to eat fried fish but not deep fried.  As such, whenever I want to fry fish, I usually use Happy Call pan to pan fry it.  Besides, it is so easy and convenient to use; it's non-stick and healthy as I use very little oil to pan fry.  Most of all, it is easy to clean, smoke free and no oily kitchen stove and floor!!

For this post, I have pan fried turmeric fish using Happy Call pan.

Ingredients :

- 3 ikan selar or Scad (cleaned and marinate with salt and turmeric powder)
- 3 sprigs of curry leaf
- 2 tbsp of turmeric powder (to marinate the fish) to taste
- salt (for marinate) to taste
- 1 thumb sized ginger (cleaned and crushed)
- Soy sauce
- Oil

Method :

1)  Grease oil in the pan.  Then, place fish, ginger and curry leaves into the pan.

2)  Close the lid and pan fry on both sides until cooked and brown.  Add soy sauce on both sides of the fish and pan fry for while.

3)  Dish out and serve with sambal kicap.

It is simple and yet delicious!!
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