Thursday, 1 August 2013

Homemade Salted Duck Eggs

Do you like salted duck eggs? I DO!!!! I love salted duck eggs and just give me a plain porridge or any porridge with salted eggs, I am in seventh heaven!!!!! Besides that, I like to use salted eggs in whatever savoury dish I can think of. I am really crazy over salted eggs and would go even crazier if the super bright orange red yolk is oily! It has this buttery taste! As far as I know, since my childhood days, my mum had been making salted duck eggs using the brining method. This homemade salted duck egg is as per my mum's step-by-step instructions.
My eldest daughter only eats the white egg but not the yolk! Good news to me!!! So every time I will eye her egg yolk and she will happily pass it to me.

The cutting is not perfect as I cut it while it's still hot.  Overall the taste is perfect :)

Step-by-Step Instructions  :
1)  Choose 10 fresh duck eggs.  If possible, try to get those greenish in colour as they are more flavourful and fragrant.  It's very difficult to get it in KL.  However, whenever I go back to my hometown in Perak, I would try to get it from the wet market.

2)  Use a damp cloth to clean and wipe away the dirt.  My mum repeatedly reminded me not to soak it in the water.

3)  Put 350gm coarse sea salt into a pot.  Add 2 liter of water and boil over medium heat. Occasionally stir and boil until all the salt is dissolved.  Leave it aside to cool.
4)  Arrange cleaned eggs in a glass jar.  

5)  Slowly pour the brine into the jar and make sure all the eggs are fully immersed and  close the lid.   Keep it in a cool dark place between 18 to 21 days or longer depending on how salty you want the eggs to be.
7)  After all the eggs have been harvested, do not discard the brine.  It can be recycled for a 2nd batch of homemade salted eggs!
8)  Boil salted eggs as you boil the normal hard boiled eggs.  It takes between 10 to 15 minutes. 
9)  Let it cool before cutting the eggs.  Otherwise, your egg yolks would look messy just like mine!  I was a bit impatient and cut it when it hadn't totally cooled off :(
Homemade Salted Duck Egg is so much better than the commercial salted eggs.  It's easy peasy.  So why not give it a try if you also love salted eggs?

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