Friday, 16 August 2013

Fragrant Golden Fried Pearl White Rice (Meatless Recipe)

I have wanted to cook golden fried rice for the past few days but if I am to use brown rice for this, the outcome may not be that great.  You see, we have been consuming brown rice for more than 15 years and occasionally I would buy white rice if there's any recipe that need it or give better result if used white rice. Then, I remember I still have a packet of Sekinchan pearl white rice and decided to use it.  The rice is pearl white and I know if I would to fry it with egg yolks, the colour would be great.

This rice is very yummy if used it to cook porridge :)
Look at the rice; oblong shape and glossy white
This golden fried rice is adapted from Y3K Recipe 73 pg 24

This is a very simple, quick and yummy fried rice.  It's my first time trying out this golden fried rice and we love it.  We had it with simple stir fried bok choy and chicken soup.  A very simple but satisfying meal :)
Ingredients :
- 4 bowls of cold cooked rice
- 2 hard boiled salted duck egg yolks (I used homemade salted duck eggs)
- 4 egg yolks
- cooking oil (I used ghee oil)
Seasonings : (to taste) I omitted the seasonings as my homemade salted duck eggs is already quite salty
- pepper
- salt

Method :
1)  Mashed the salted duck egg yolks.
2)  Add egg yolks to the  cold rice.

3)  Mix well the egg yolks with the rice.
4)  Heat oil in a wok and add mixed egg yolk rice.  Stir fry and mix well until aromatic.

5)  Add mashed salted duck egg yolk.  Stir and mix well until aromatic.
6)  Add seasonings if necessary and serve.
Here's a bowl of aromatic Golden Fried Rice on me :)
Isn't this golden yellow rice look great?
You can do it too.  It's easy peasy and fuss free~

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