Monday, 3 September 2012

Empurau : The Most expensive fish in Malaysia

I received this article from a friend via e-mail :
Perhaps ikan kembong goreng crispy with sambal belacan good enough for us poor??
Or perhaps a good Tilapia or a Patin would taste better!!

A Fish Fit for the King
This is the most expensive fish in Malaysia and is only found in Sarawak. It's called the Empurau Fish and it cost RM 500.00 per kilogram. I (definitely not me, the writer) tasted the fish only once at my friend's restaurant in Selayang Jaya. Never tasted fresh water fish that good..

The picture was taken from Photo Malaysia by one of the photographers and he said that the fish weighs 25 kilograms so it means that fish costs RM12,500.00 in the market.

You may say it's crazy, but in Japan, some tunas cost a few hundred thousand dollars. And yes there are people still willing to pay for such delicacies.