Monday, 3 September 2012

Homecooked Asam Laksa

Whenever we balik kampung to my in-laws' place in Taiping, my 2nd sister-in-law, (my hubby's sis-in-law) would cook our fvourite foods such as Asam Fish, Curry Ayam, Rendang, Local kuih-muih, etc. This trip, she cooked Asam Laksa for us. It was indeed delicious and yummy yummy! My girls kept eating and eating. We could eat chunks of sardine and ikan kembung!! What a dish! I even drank the laksa soup till to the last drop. Too bad, I didn't have the recipe cos' by the time we reached her house, she had finished cooking. So, our duty was to eat and eat and EAT!!!

Yi Soh, thanks so much for your nice dinner. We love you!!!! Muaksss..... muakkksss... muakksss....!!!!

Will get the recipe from her when I balik kampung next trip.  So, kiv for her Homecooked Asam Laksa recipe.......