Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sausage Factory‏?????

A SARDAR sent his son abroad to give him a good education. On his return back home after completing his studies the father
took the son to his factory where they made sausages.

He let his son have a good look at the whole factory. The son examined the whole procedure seriously and gave a kind of brainy look.

Dad was so happy and asked the son,"So Son, do you have any good plans to further develop our business?."

SON: "Haanji, instead of putting the pigs into the machine and getting sausages out, we can put sausages in and get pigs from the other side"

Dad got so annoyed and he said,
"Wah PUTHAR! You are so clever. Only your mom has that kind of machine, where I put my sausage in and a pig like you came out!"


  1. Hi my dear Ivy, muuuaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... next time I eat sausage will remember this sausage factory.. wakakakaka.....
    Thanks for sharing. :))

    1. Don't choke on the sausage, Be careful, Amelia, hahaha....


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